UV Shadowing

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:>>Hi!  To UV shadow an oligonucleotide, we pick the gel up on an intensifying
:>>screen - like you would get out of a film casette.  Then, we shine a hand-held
:>>UV lamp on it in the dark.  To take a photograph, we just put the UV lamp down

:>I mentioned this once before, but it is worth repeating... Not ALL 
:>intensifying screens work for this application, some just barely glow. 
:>Specifically, none of our Dupont Cronex (bought 2 years ago) work. 
:>If yours does, set it aside for this purpose.
:>TLC plates "with fluorescence indicator" all seem to work though.


Some people also use plain white typing paper, but this is not
as sensitive. It was mentioned in B.R.L. Focus 9:3, pg.16 (1987)
and 10:3, pg.57 (1988).

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