Photographing Coomassie-stained Gels

Ed Rybicki ED at
Wed Sep 30 05:06:50 EST 1992

> Dear Netters,
> does anyone have the appropriate photographic settings/conditions to get
> good quality black&white 35mm shots of Coomassie Blue-stained PAGE gels?
>   - filters for contrast?
>   - regular B&W film (100/125 ASA) vs. high contrast?
>   - backlighting (lightbox) preferred?
>   - instructions for photoprocessing prints (in regard to bracketed
>       exposure settings to see effect of lighter/darker exposure
>       since autoexposure print processing would make all of your
>       bracketed shots look the same)

1)  Kodak 1A red filter
2)  ordinary B&W film, 100/125 ASA
3)  on a diffuser light box (ie. backlit thru a diffuser screen)
4)  deliberately bracket exposures manually, or take 3 shots on
autoexposure but use the compensation dial (if you have one) to over- and
5)  print on no. 3-5 to accentuate contrast, use hardest-looking neg with
lightest background.

Have fun!

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