Sean Davidson s882076 at
Wed Sep 30 08:34:10 EST 1992

endo at (Prince of Wales Endocrinology Unit) writes:

>Hi I'm using luciferase as a reporter gene in primary cultures
>of rat Leydig cells.  I posted a message previously asking if
>anyone has encountered the problem that I'm having.  I know
>that my cells are successfully transfected (the mRNA is present)
>and the extraction and assay are working well in other cells yet
>I get no detectible activity in my Leydig cell extracts.  

Sorry, I don't have any hints - just a further question:
I am hoping to get a luciferase reporter gene soon, and would like
to know how to assay it! I know of the method using a luminometer,
which I do not have, but I understand a scintillation counter can
be rigged up to work in a similar manner. Can some-one tell me
how this is done and how well it works?
Thanks, Sean

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