Genebank on CDROM?

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Sep 30 13:23:22 EST 1992

In a previous article, rrumpf at (Robert Rumpf) says:

>I have heard that it is possible to get Genebank on a CDROM, and get updates 
>every so often...who do we call/write/email, how much is it, and does it work 
>on Macintosh CDROM readers?
NCBI has announced a CDrom based genbank distribution for cheap.. $50-$60
 they have a package that is called entrez that contains the mac and pc 
search software for that price.  

Ask for a mailing from NCBI (202) 738-3238 (the fax number for orders 
is 202 512-2233)

Or contact Dennis Benson via Email (benson at

NCBI also offers a retrieve service via email that is more up to date than
a cdrom could ever be.  It's a little clunky now, but improving.  For help,
Email retrieve at with the word <help> in the body of the message.

good luck,


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