Genebank on CDROM?

Klaus.Matthaei at Klaus.Matthaei at
Wed Sep 30 18:11:21 EST 1992

>I have heard that it is possible to get Genebank on a CDROM, and get updates 
>every so often...who do we call/write/email, how much is it, and does it work 
>on Macintosh CDROM readers?

G'Day Bob

IMHO forget CDRom etc.   Your CD's are out of date before you get them.  It
is far better to log into available services which are updated daily such
as ANGIS here in Australia or better still the American hook up which
escapes me at the moment.  We also have a windows interface for my Mac so
you are not bogged down with UNIX if that is what bothers you.

Cheers, Klaus

Catherine Shang
Gene Targeting
The John Curtin School of Medical Research
The Australian National University
E-mail: Catherine.Shang at


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