Xho I: A Bad Actor?

A.K. Sweatman asweatma at crc.ac.uk
Thu Sep 24 06:49:32 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep23.160245.9136 at ulrik.uio.no>, olam at radium.uio.no (Ola Myklebost) writes:
> Have you/they tried XhoI from another supplier? We had an XhoI-prep from one 
> supplier which seemed Ok when used analyically on plasmids, but when used on 
> genomic DNA in PFG electrophoresis gave a terrible smear. XhoI from 
> Pharmacia, on the other hand, was fine.
> Ola Myklebost
> University of Oslo
> Norway

I've had the same problem with XhoI in PFGE. How did you solve it?
What buffer did you use?
How long did you digest for?
We you XhoI from Northumbria Biologicals.

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