help maltose binding protein

Fri Apr 2 05:48:38 EST 1993

Dear Networld,

I have been using New England Biolab's fusion system to purify a protein of
interest. Basically your protein is fused to the maltose binding protein of E.
coli, and then this chimaeric construct is passed over an amylose affinity

However, I have been having major dramas with the binding of the chimaeric
protein to the amylose column and then the subsequent elution from the column.

Rather than list all of the problems I have encountered and the methods and
techniques that I have tried in order to circumvent these problems I would like
to ask users of the fusion system or anyone who has an interest in the
purification of proteins or anyone who thinks that they can help, to e-mail me
so that I may send you details of the problems that I have encountered and
hopefully offer me some  advice as to how I might remedy the problems.

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Darren Lowen.
botdjl at

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