Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Mon Apr 5 14:21:39 EST 1993

Your questions concerning your 33P troubles leads me to some more questions:

Are you certain that the SAME conditions are in play as when, say 32P, are
used (hyb stringency, probe labelling methods, Southern blot methods,
exposure time/enhancement/film sensitivity/developer-ment, etc)? What
about probe integrity/size? Oligos/DNA inserts/RNA probes? Have you
checked them on a gel after labelling ... then autorad?



Andre Hamel
Manitoba Vet.Virol.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
email: hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca

In article <9304051744.AA00146 at esds01.es.dupont.com> scolnipa at esvax.dnet.dupont.com writes:
>We are trying to use 33P for southern blots.  We got some really nice 
>looking results.  However, we also experience reproducibility problems
>in which blots with probes of fairly high specific activity come up blank.  
>Any ideas?
>P. A. Scolnik
>scolnipa at esvax.dnet.dupont.com

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