Karl Fischer tyr-2 at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca
Mon Apr 5 22:41:47 EST 1993


>There has been some recent talk about fusion protein vectors, so I may
>have missed this. A while ago I have seen info (ad?) about fusion >vectors
that add a histidine tail to the protein and which can than be >isolated on a
column with a metal, I believe it was nickle. Does >anyone have the references
to this, and who sells it? Is there anyone >who has tried this?

>Johan de Boer
>jdboer at sol.uvic.ca
>Victoria, Canada

Hi Johan,

For information regarding using immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography
(IMAC) to purify His-tagged proteins (natural or recombinant) I would recommend
a read of Volume 4 of METHODS: A companion to Methods in Enzymology. Regarding
His-tagging plasmid constructs the only commercially available ones which
come to mind are the pTrcHis and pRSET series from Invitrogen; there are likely
scads of others.

Cheers from a fellow Canuck,

Karl Fischer
Medical Microbiology
University of Alberta

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated in any way with Invitrogen (or any other
company for that matter). 

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