Biomek for screening clones in microtiter plates (Q)

Jari Vehmaanper{ jvehmaa at
Tue Apr 6 09:46:14 EST 1993

Hello Netters!

I have three questions, which are related. The basic idea is to have my
transformed cells distributed one by one into microtiter wells, grow
them, and let the Biomek 1000 robotic workstation to do the screening
for me.


1) where can I find a Petri dish, which is exactly of the same size as a
mictotiter plate, and which I could use with the Biomek 1000 robotic
workstation. The lids of our microtiter plates are not deep enough (and
anyhow I would need a lid to cover them). The idea is to grow bacteria
on agar on these plates, and use Biomek to inoculate the grown
colonies with a sterile tip into liquid medium in microtiter wells.

2) Has anybody written software for Biomek, which would make
Biomek able to identify colonies (white, or blue vs. white; randomly
scattered, or in regular arrays) on plates as described above, and to
transfer them into microtiter wells with a tip.

3) Does anybody know a method to dispense one (viable) bacterial cell
or fungal spore into a microtiter well, and only one cell, no more than
one cell nor less. I am familiar with techniques based on Poisson
distribution, which quarantee one cell per well only on the average,
but I want more accuracy. The idea what I am driving at is probably
based on some sort of FACS Cell sorting or something similar. 

Any answers to any of the questions above are highly appreciated.

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