pBin19 sequence anywhere?

David J. Meyer ez005587 at hamlet.ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 7 13:18:02 EST 1993

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ez005587 at hamlet.ucdavis.edu (David J. Meyer) writes:
: Hello, netters!
: 	I am interested in finding out if anyone has access to, has taken
: the time to piece together, has actually determined, (etc.) the sequence
: for the plant transformation vector pBin19 or its various derivatives such
: as pBI101, pBI121. Please don't bother suggesting Clontech, which sells
: some of these. I am most interested in the T-DNA region.
: 	I am would like to design PCR primers corresponding to the 5'
: leader contributed by CaMV35S and 3' UTR from the nos terminator. Any
: sequence information would be greatly appreciated. Please reply via Email. 

David J. Meyer
djmeyer at ucdavis.edu

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