help needed with cosmid prep!!!

Mr. A.F. Hill ahill at
Wed Apr 7 09:59:04 EST 1993


ive been trying to grow up a cosmid (~45kb) and have had varying results
using different methods. the problem is that if i get DNA i cant cut it with
restriction enzymes. i have used the standard alkaline lysis / PEG precipitn
methods and also the triton lysis method. i can cut the dna from peg pptn
but from a 500ml prep i only get 1-5 ug DNA which is a pretty low yield.

ive noted that most of the dna is lost at the peg/nacl pptn stage as when
i reprecipitate the supernatant there is heaps of dna left - any reason
why this is happening?

hope this makes sense to someone!

any suggestions welcomed,



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