Speedvac w/ Aspirator?

John J Welch jwelch at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Apr 7 10:02:34 EST 1993

Dear Net,

I am in the process of setting up a speed-vac type system to dry down
DNA samples.  In general, the samples will be in a small volume of 
fairly volatile organic solvent.  I am considering various models which
range from all-in-one centrifuge/heater-cooltrap-vacuum pump to simply
getting the microfuge unit, running some tubing into a cold trap (cold  
finger chilled down with EtOH/dry ice) and hooking the whole thing to 
a water aspirator.  

My question: will an aspirator pump down the system sufficiently?  Are
there reasons not to do this?  

I would appreciate replies by Email to avoid net clutter, and will repost
replies in edited form.  Any recommendations/experience with different models
would also be appreciated.  Please reply to:

		jwelch at acsu.buffalo.edu

Thanks in advance,

John Welch,
Roswell Park Cancer Inst.

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