Bionet faq in Win3.1 help format, suggestions solicited

Ed Rybicki ED at
Thu Apr 8 02:22:52 EST 1993

> Dear Bionetters,
>      I am in the process of compiling various articles from USENET
> bionet newsgroups into a Windows 3.1 help file.  Before I get too
> involved I'm soliciting opinions from the Net as to what would
> be most valuable to include.  If you have any suggestions please
> email me.  When I get a preliminary help file done I'll make it
> freely available to whoever would like it.

I am also collecting anything to do with cloning, sequencing, general
bacteriological / virological / molecular biological techniques and PCR: I
am putting it into a random-access database for general access by anyone
who can log in to our LAN at the University of Cape Town and run
Archivist to access the info; however, I would welcome seeing the same
sort of mix in a Win3.1 help file, as I am far too ignorant to do such a

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