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Ed Rybicki ED at
Thu Apr 8 02:41:42 EST 1993

> I suggest you look beyond the commercial plasmid prep kits for a real
> fashioned miniprep technique. There is simply nothing special about those
> "secret" resins that cannot be acomplished at a small fraction of the
> with a simple differential precipitation or organic extraction miniprep.

Jim "anti-kit" Graham strikes again....

How about we set up a string on debunking kits?  Take the magic and
mystery out of them, and the profits away from the supplier...I'll kick
off with Biorad's wonderful blue protein stain, complete with mystery
ingredients (p. 309, Biorad Cat S 1993): their copper stain is probably
nothing more than 0.3M CuCl2, and the destain nothing more complicated
than 0.25M Tris pH 8.0/0.25M EDTA.  Straight off the shelf, and closer
than a phone call away.  Also straight out of C Lee et al., 1987, Anal.
Biochem. 166:303-312.

Have fun,

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