IUBIO WAIS search of this group is a gold-mine!

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Fri Apr 9 22:48:39 EST 1993

brianf at dna.uvm.edu (Brain Foley) writes:

>We are really moving now!  Over the last three years or so the
>biological networking community has really taken off.  If you want to
>see just how useful the network can be now, try using the WAIS index
>of this group at IUBIO.  I just searched for "ligation" and found
>some 60 articles discussing all sorts of tips on ligations that never
>make it into published protocols.

This should not be a surprise ... there are several other sources
available - please refer to the following.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net

	    BIOSCI/bionet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
		       (last revised - 3/10/93)

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How do I find back issues of BIOSCI postings?

The BIOSCI node at net.bio.net maintains the entire collection of
BIOSCI/bionet messages.  They are available via WAIS (biosci.src and
biology-journal-contents.src) and anonymous ftp from net.bio.net
[].  Gopher retrieval will also be available soon.
Contact biosci at net.bio.net for further help.  If you do not have WAIS
software running locally, but do have access to the Internet, try

telnet quake.think.com

and login in as "wais" to experiment with the software.  Both of our
WAIS sources, biosci.src and biology-journal-contents.src, may be
selected from the menu for searching.

All the Bionet newsgroup postings since December 1991 are stored for
Gopher searching and retrieval and anonymous ftp archive at
ftp.bio.indiana.edu, the IUBIO archive maintained by Don Gilbert.  The
ftp directory in the anonymous account is usenet/bionet.

Is there a summary of METHODS-AND-REAGENTS postings?

Yes.  A FAQ for the METHODS newsgroup was created by Paul Hengen of
Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center.  It can be obtained
via anonymous FTP from net.bio.net in
pub/BIOSCI/METHDS-REAGNTS/METHODS.FAQ or from ncifcrf.gov in

Note, however, that maintaining such a FAQ is a gargantuan task.  We
also recommend searching the METHODS archives for keywords through the
use of the WAIS and Gopher software as described in the "archives"
question above.

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