mini prep procedure

the End jgraham at
Sat Apr 10 10:46:15 EST 1993


OK, I hear you. I still would like to suggest that you look to the entire
range of available minipreps. An exhaustive search of the literature is
how the best procedures are turned up.

As far as time savings, I routinely handle 30-40 minpreps rather 
easily using an ammonium acetate neutralized alkaline lysis. This
involves only a single tube transfer and is very quick. Plasmids
sequence quite well IF you have the right combination of primer in
template. The suitability of a particular combination varies much
more widely than when sequencing single stranded templates. This
will cost me probably less than $2.00 rather than $30-$40 that
you mention. Since it might go on many times, I think that the
kits for minipreping are out of the question in my case. 

Now if I was responsible for cleaning DNA from samples from several labs
I might change my mind :) Certainly there are applications for the use
of prepakaged reagent kits, if someone is buying :)


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