IUBIO WAIS search of this group is a gold-mine!

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Sat Apr 10 15:21:45 EST 1993

>brianf at dna.uvm.edu (Brain Foley) writes:
>>We are really moving now!  Over the last three years or so the
>>biological networking community has really taken off.  If you want to
>>see just how useful the network can be now, try using the WAIS index
>>of this group at IUBIO.  I just searched for "ligation" and found
>>some 60 articles discussing all sorts of tips on ligations that never
>>make it into published protocols.

   The other thing that you can use the wais back-postings for is a quick
and dirty 'netfind' to determine the addresses of people on the net.  It's
much quicker to use than netfind if you have part of the address and want
to know the rest of it or want to check for addresses like <your_query>.
   When netfind works, i's very, very good, but when it doesn't, it's
horrid.  Searching the wais backpostings don't work as well, but is faster,
more approximate and often gives you the info that you need much faster.

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