Standardising Northerns

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> Hi all,
> I read somewhere that a 18S rRNA probe is a better option than the usual
> actin for correcting loading variations on northern blots.  Does anyone have 
> any ideas on this,
> and has anyone done it using a oligonucleotide probe to 18s RNA (if so could 
> they let me know the oligo sequence), as I do not have a cDNA probe.  

We use 

5' GCG CGA GAT TTA CAC CCT CTC C for at least human and rodent 28S rRNA.

Hybridisation is done in "Church hyb" at 55 C and washed in 40 mM Na
(phosphate) 1% SDS at 50 C.

The good thing with oligos is that they are easy to get off again. A
problem might be the excess of target on the filter if you hybridise in
stationary bags. 

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