Roller bottle hyb. ref.

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Thu Apr 15 07:50:25 EST 1993

 Hi Bob:
  	I do not have the reference for roller bottles either.  But I 
thought it might be of some value for people using roller bottles\
to look at an other easy and cheap alternative.  
	You can buy a tube rotator, like the one you find in doctors office
or in Fisher catalog for about $150  This device rotateS tubes
in a full circle.  All that needs to be done is punch some holes on
the surface of the disk and attach clamps that is suitable for say a
50 ml conical tube or bottles.  At the least it is even possible to 
tape the tubes or bottles.  The next trick is in positioning the 
rotator using proper supports in such a way that the tubes are held
at 90 degree angle when it is rotating.  Now the whole assembly can be
placed inside a incubator maintained at the temperature you want.  If you\
want a dedicated incubator, you can buy one cheap device for few hundred 
dollars at the most.  I think this is a considerable savings compared to
the few thousands you may have to shell out for the roller bottle

I will be interested to know if someone has tried similar approach.
Raj Shankarappa
bsh at
> Dear Netlanders;
> 	I am having difficulty finding a reference for the roller bottle
> technique for Southern/Northern hybridization. I know a lot of companies
> sell roller bottle hybridization machines, but I haven't seen a reference
> in their ads. Who invented this technique, and how do I reference 'em?
> Thanks.
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