Subcloning of YACs

Ola Myklebost olam at
Fri Apr 16 06:54:38 EST 1993

Somebody asked about subcloning of YACs, and my reply yesterday got lost
due to a local mail server problem.

The strategy used was YAC purification by PFGE in LMT agarose.

I went to the Cold Spring Harbor course on YAC manipulation last fall
(which I highly recommend), and we were then advised to rather subclone the
entire yeast + YAC DNA in lambda (or cosmids). The yield from PFGE
purification is low and the quality poor. Thus you cannot very well control
the conditions for library construction.

However, a total library is easy to make (at least in lambda), and it
doesn't need to be large to cover a yeast+YAC genome. Clones are then
screened with total human (or other) DNA as probe (or pBR fragments to get
YAC ends).
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