Help with lambda zap excision

Andre Hamel hamel at
Fri Apr 16 19:14:50 EST 1993

Have you tried using helper phage M13K07 instead? Or Stratagene's
"Exassist" helper phage. M13K07 is commonly found in phagemid using labs,
so you ought to be able to get a stock from many readers of this bulletin
board .. likewise for the "exassist" variant.



In article <1993Apr16.105040.7202 at> coutavas at writes:
>I'm trying to excise the bluescript plasmid from some lambda zap II
>clones I've isolated (Stratagene).  Does anyone have any hints as to
>how this might be done?  I'm following the Stratagene protocol but
>it's not working (their tech people recommend I buy a new helper phage
>they have, but we would rather save the $100.00).  I have titered both
>the lambda and the R408 helper and am using them as recommended. 
>Are there other things to watch for?  I'm using XL1-Blue E. Coli. 
>Any hints, advise etc. is greatly appreciated.
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