Vent polymerase ?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Mon Apr 19 08:33:55 EST 1993

Yes, Vent (NEB) and Pfu (Stratagene) DNA pols are better than Taq for
avoiding sequence "abnormalities" within and at ends of PCR products.
Also, we've found Perkin Elmers Taq to be more fideliltous than cheaper
suppliers such as Promega, don't ask me why ... still, Vent and Pfu were
much noticeably better than ANY Taq. ... based upon a couple dozen
different constructs (100 to 650 bp .. fully sequenced after PCR and
subcloning ... each had at least 10 clones sequenced).


In article <C5ouvo.L6p at> jgraham at (the End) writes:
>In using Taq DNA polymerase to make templates for E.coli in vitro
>transcription, I find much heterogeneity in the template 3' ends.
>Is Vent DNA pol any better at avoiding non-templated additions to the
>ends of PCR products ? 
>Thanks much,
>J. Graham

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