PCR primers for genetic studies

Bob Sinclair sinclair at cc.usu.edu
Tue Apr 20 14:32:29 EST 1993

Does anyone know if there is a database of PCR primers. The sort of 
information that would be very useful would be sequences of primer
pairs and success/failure with assorted target sequences. A group of
people here are frequently using primers designed from one species
to amplify genes from a (sometimes distantly) related species for
genetic studies. The question keeps coming up "can we use primers from
x to amplify in y?" or "is there enough sequence information from
this or that group to have any chance of designing a consensus
primer that will work in a variety of related groups". 

Maybe this question comes up a lot (in which case sorry). Any information
would be appreciated.

bobs at biocat.ncdmf.usu.edu

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