DNA content of microorganisms

Peter Alefounder pra1 at mbuf.bio.cam.ac.uk
Fri Apr 23 05:04:05 EST 1993

  Does anyone know of a published list of the DNA content of various
microorganisms? I am looking for the best way to get a large quantity
of labelled DNA and so would like something to convert CO2 + NH3 or
other simple starting materials into the maximum amount of DNA.
Alternatively, some way to boost the percentage of DNA in E. coli would
be useful. Plasmid copy numbers do not appear to be high enough to make
a significant difference; I think the same is true for most phages. A
phage that makes modified DNA would not be of any use for my purpose.
  This kind of information does not seem to be readily available these
days.  I suspect that what I need is an old text book.     
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