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Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Sat Apr 24 03:25:35 EST 1993

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> Hi Pat:
> I am posting this on the net because I think others might find it useful.
> 1. Pick colonies into 100 microliters of LB+antibiotic in a sterile 
> 	microtiter well.
> 2. Grow 2-4 hours at 37 C on shaker platform until turbid.
> 3. Add 2 microliters of the culture to 23 microliters of PCR reaction mix*.

stuff deleted......................

> Regards
> Bob DeLisio


This looks fine, but you could save yourself a couple of hours (and some
L-broth)! by transferring the colonies into 0.5ml of water and doing the
PCR directly on that.  See Gussow and Clackson, 1989, NAR 17, p4000;  they
recommended boiling the cells first, but it's not necessary; you can rescue
viable cells from after transferring them into water.


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