ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Mon Apr 26 10:52:00 EST 1993

>I would like to have information about "GenHunter"-kit - fax or
>an address of a distributor - experience of the method if somebody
>has any. The kit was mentioned in product review of Nature 361, 567-.
>I tried Natures Reader Service 2.5 months ago - no reply sofar.

GenHunter Corporation is located at:
50 Boylston St
Brookline MA, 02146 USA
Phone (617) 739-6771
FAX  (617) 734-5482

As for experience with it, we have someone in the lab looking at
expression in narrow developmental windows in insect testis and she has been
able to identify several PCR bands that look promising. How difficult the
cloning and further characterization will be I don't know. But the kit works,
although the amount of oligos they provide is rather low. There is nothing
in the kit that you couldn't easily make yourself at low cost except the
oligonucleotide primer sets (of which there are several). We decided to get
the kit and get the system up and running quickly, then get our own oligos
made once we had some idea as to which primer combinations would be most

Good luck

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