help! how to pack a sepharose column

Cathy Quinones quinones at
Mon Apr 26 18:54:49 EST 1993

I am about to venture into the world of proteins and am interested in follow-
ing a published protocol that is too sketchy for my knowledge.  Basically,
I need to find a description of how to pack a Concanavalin-A Sepharose column.
My source reads:"... a filtrate... was applied to Con A-Sepharose suspended 
in a buffer of... {description of buffer}" and I need information as to
how to do such a thing.  

Can anyone offer any hints/references as to how to do lectin chromatography?
A reference to a source that describes how to pack and run these columns
would really make my day!  

I will appreciate any help you can provide, whether this gets posted on the
net or sent directly to me.



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