Help on quantitating a protein

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Tue Apr 27 19:48:12 EST 1993

How about screening in an ELISA.  Maybe your antibody would be less
crossreactive against undenatured determinants.

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On 27 Apr 1993, James Loats wrote:

> Date: 27 Apr 93 21:37:02 GMT
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> Subject: Help on quantitating a protein
> Hello all.  I am looking for a way to measure the expression levels of a
> protein in E. coli.  The problem is that antibodies to this protein (even
> ones made to synthetic peptides) are invariably cross-reactive with a great
> many other E. coli proteins, making for rather ugly Western blots.  What
> are some ideas that anyone has and their pros & cons (epitope tagging, etc.)
> If more details are needed I am happy to provide them.  Post or e-mail
> Jim L.
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