DNA Strider

David Stillman stillman at bioscience.utah.edu
Tue Apr 27 15:29:31 EST 1993

RE: DNA Strider

DNA Strider is truly wonderful.  The program was written by Dr. Crhistian
Marck, who is a working molecular biologist as well as a computer
programer.  The first two versions of DNA strider were free.  Dr. Marck
now requests $200 to cover some of the costs of development and

The DNA Strider 1.2 request form that I have requests a check for $200
payable to "Tresorier Delegue du Ce-Saclay".  "The user agrees not to
make copies of the software.... other than running it on a few Macintosh
computers located inside my own laboratory."  Note the term few
computers, not the usual one in a software license agreement.  

The software is truly excellent, and $200 is not a high price.

Dr. Marck's address is:

Dr. Christian Marck
Service de Biochimie - Bat 142
Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay
91191 Gif-Sir-Yvette, FRANCE

I don't know of an e-mail address for Dr. Marck.

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