PCR/dot blot - removing mineral oil

bhjelle at carina.unm.edu bhjelle at carina.unm.edu
Wed Apr 28 10:22:29 EST 1993

>>I am having problems removing mineral oil from PCR products prior to
>>application to a dot blot apparatus.  
>>My PCR reactions are in 96 well microtiter dishes and so I am trying to
>>keep the number of manipulations I make on the products down to the
I have had good luck with just removing the oil with a pipetman.
Course this might be harder in microtiter format.

Although you do not remove *all* of the oil this way, you remove
enough to load gels or make dotblots. I don't use a dotblot
apparatus, just pipet 5 ul of product onto a 1cm square.
The key trick is to apply the 5ul with a circular motion
onto a moistened membrane that is on a perfectly flat surface.


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