What is "takadiastase"?

Ragnar Ragnar
Thu Apr 29 02:11:14 EST 1993

In article <1rh49q$qko at access.digex.net> wbrown at access.digex.com (William
Brown) writes:
>   I'm soory to bother people, but I do molecular modelling, and haven't
>been in a "lab" lab for a couple of years.  I was reading a paper that
>mentioned a reagent called "takadiastase" which was used in conjunction
>with S1 nuclease.  What is the reagent?
>   W. Brown
>  <wbrown at access.digex.com>
>Please respond to this account, so the group does not get cluttered.  And
>THANK YOU for your help in this matter.

According to the 1993 Sigma catalog Takadiastase is a registered trademark
for an Aspergillus oryzae diastase (alfa-amylase).
Ragnar Flengsrud, Agricultural University of Norway, Department of
Biotechnological Sciences, e-mail: biorf at nlh.no.

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