PCR/dot blot - removing mineral oil

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Apr 28 11:49:53 EST 1993

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>> Subject:       PCR/dot blot - removing mineral oil
>> Date:          27 Apr 93 19:21:11 GMT
>> I am having problems removing mineral oil from PCR products prior to
>> application to a dot blot apparatus.

>There was a post some time back relating how to get rid of
>mineral/paraffin oil by pipetting your sample onto a piece of Parafilm and
>rolling it around until the oil had all stuck and only the aqueous phase
>was left.  Can't remember who posted, but very cunning.

I was pretty sure John Nash had posted this, so I did a gopher search
for "mineral oil"...and sure enough:

|From: num208jn at MBDS.NRC.CA (John Nash)
|Newsgroups: bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
|Subject: Re: Cetus' Gems
|Message-ID: <1992Feb26.142008.3174 at nrcnet0.nrc.ca>
|Date: 26 Feb 92 14:20:08 GMT
|G'day net-folk...
|A sales rep told me a neat trick to avoid chloroform extraction to
|remove mineral oil from PCR and linear-amp sequencing.
|Put the sample on a square of Parafilm, and the oil spreads out while
|the sample remains as a droplet.  You can then pick it up with a
|micropipette, and you only lose a fraction of sample.  (I usually get
|49 ul back from 50 .. end result ==> Chloroform? What chloroform?
|cheers,  John.

Cheers to you too John!

Paul N. Hengen
National Cancer Institute
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