Make-your-own dNTPs?

Robert Horton horton at
Thu Apr 29 16:35:02 EST 1993

Dear Kit-Hating BioTechnophiles;

It occurred to me that, since dNTPs are the second most expensive ingredient
in a PCR next to the polymerase (or third, if you buy AmpliWax!), that it might
be worth considering purifying them myself. It seems like overkill to use
the incredibly pure dNTPs that most of us buy separately, then mix back
together again. Its not like they are rare or hard to find in nature, and since
we use 'em all together, you wouldn't need to purify them from each other,
which would be the hard part, but dNTPs vs. NTPs might not be so bad (?)
	There MUST be published protocols, but I haven't been able to find
any; I assume this kind of work must have been done largely before the computer
databases for lit searches...
	Any ideas?

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