PCR/dot blot - removing mineral oil

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Fri Apr 30 11:13:40 EST 1993

Andre Hamel writes:

>As I had responded earlier, for oil removal from PCR rx'ns in 96 well
>plates we currently use freeze method. The Parafilm and CHCl3 ext'n
>methods are fine for manageable numbers of PCR samples in microtubes.
>However we routinely perform MANY PCR rx'ns, in 96 well plates, and either
>ext'n method (Parafilm or CHCl3) would seem like too much work, even with
>multichannel pipetors ...

I'm not sure how fast you need to go. You may want to check
on a product called "Oil-AWAY" sold by Bio101. You could probably
do the removal with quick pumps of a multichannel pipetor, but I
have no experience to tell you if would save your 10 minute coffee
break :-) or if you could do it without melting your titre dishes.

Paul N. Hengen
National Cancer Institute
Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201 USA

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