Carbenicillin summary

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Mon Aug 2 14:25:53 EST 1993

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 mgk2r at Virginia.EDU ("Michael G. Kurilla") writes:

> Carbenecillin cannot be broken down the way ampicillin is
> therefore you see less satellites which are due to local
> destruction of the ampicillin.  That's why satellites form only
> around AmpR colonies in the first place.
> Mike Kurilla
> University of Virginia
> mgk2r at

Mike: Could you explain this further? I thought that the mechanism
of antibiotic resistance is the same for both, ie. the production
of a lactamase. I don't quite understand what you meant above.

1. Does the enzyme attack carbenicillin differently, or

2. Does the carbenicillin inhibit the secretion of the enzyme?

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