Biotinylation of proteins on PVDF--is it possible?

Stephen Gisselbrecht gisselbr at
Wed Aug 4 16:05:49 EST 1993

	Well, the subject line is pretty straightforward.  My friend wants
an ultra-sensitive way to look at total protein on a PVDF membrane
(Immobilon), and he wonders if you can biotinylate with the succinimide
ester, then bind radioactive avidin.  He sez ninhydrin doesn't stain the
membrane, so it can't have any NH2 groups.  Anybody done this?  Or does
anyone have any suggestions for the broader question:  What's the very
most sensitive way possible to look at total protein on a blot?
	My life will be easier if you answer by e-mail.  Much with the
thankfulness am I being.

					steve gisselbrecht

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