Info on dUTPase anyone?

Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Wed Aug 4 15:38:29 EST 1993

hbriem at  writes:
> Hello
> Does anyone out there have any general information on the enzyme
> dUTPase or dinucleotidohydrolase? i.e. what does it do, where is
> it found and especially are there any good reviews or textbook
> chapters on it?
Sorry, I don't have a review or reference handy.  The gene is
found in herpesviruses (and perhaps pox viruses as well).  The
functions appears to hydrolyze dUTP to prevent accindental
insertion into viral genomes where it is unstable.  Since most
of these viruses encode their own ribonucleotide reductase, it
may be that they generate a high level of dUTP by accident.  In
fact U incorporation is enough of a problem that most of these
viruses also have another enzyme to remove incorporated U from
the replicating DNA.

I don't know if most eukaryotes also have the gene, but I'd be
surprised if they didn't.  While is nonessential, it's probably
a very useful enzyme function to have over time.

Mike Kurilla
UVA mgk2r at

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