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|>  If you don't want to use Taq to T-
|>tail, or to T-tail with terminal transferase and ddTTP, then you could
|>what someone here has mooted, which is to cut a plasmid with any
|>that gives a T at the end of a 3'-overhang, then fill in with Klenow
|>dC-, dG- and dTTPs (note: no dATP) to get (eg.):
|>                  vector              PCR amplimer        vector
|>Good luck,

Unfortunately if the end has a 3' overhang it can't be filled in with
Klenow, which requires a 3' recessed end as template/primer. The T-tailing
with Taq has worked OK for me, but the background of colonies with empty
vector was so high that I routinely used colony lifts to find the plasmids
with inserts. I am not really satisfied with any of the methods I've tried
for cloning PCR products; it always seems to be more difficult than cloning
comparably-sized blunt ended restriction fragments.

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