Cost of Carbenicillin

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>> Just yesterday I posted a question as to the use of carbenicillin as a
>> replacement for ampicillin in bacterial plates. I've already received
>> about a dozen e-mail replies, so I decided to post a summary. If you're
>> just dying to tell me your variation, I'd be happy to read your e-mail. :)
>> Suppliers: Sigma and USB. The sigma product dissolves clear and the USB
>> product is less soluble, but allegedly more stable. Much more expensive
>> than ampicillin ($49.70/G Sigma).
If you work in an institution affiliated with a hospital, contact
the pharmacy. They can usually provide antibiotics at significant
savings. The down side is that the therapeautic preparations often
have poorly specified additives (calling the companies has not been
helpful in general), but the bacteria don't seem to mind.  

				Hope this helps.

				Loren Joseph

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