epitope labeling options

Michael Myers myersm at hcx.rockefeller.edu
Mon Aug 9 15:51:43 EST 1993

I was wondering if anyone had recently compiled a list of the
different options currently available for epitope labeling a protein?
I have seen the Hemagglutinin epitope used quite often, but wondered
if there are other options. I am particularly interested in
introducing more than one epitope within a single protein. I would
like to detect the epitope(s) by both immunocytochemistry and
western blotting. Please respond by e-mail.

If I receive info about the experience people have had with specific
epitopes, I will compose a summary and post it to this newsgroup.

thanks in advance,

Michael Myers
The Laboratory of Genetics
The Rockefeller University
myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu

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