Wedge gels (Salt gradient gels)

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Wed Aug 11 22:55:11 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug11.203616.7011 at>, arosenth at (Dr. A. Rosenthal) writes:
>> CAUTION: the top part of the gel will now heat more than the bottom.
>> either cool the top with a fan, or lower the voltage, or both.
> I am interested in this protocol, but there is no way I can cool my system, so
> I need to know how hot the plates get to make sure they survive!

I still do Ye Olde Starch Gel slabs, and cool my gels with a 
"cold pack" (one of those blue-ice freezer packs, or just cold
water in a seal-a-meal bag.  I still get lots of enzyme activity.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI 

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