Ultrasonic Ligation

Dr. A. Rosenthal arosenth at crc.ac.uk
Wed Aug 11 10:21:23 EST 1993

In article <gibbs.745041984 at husc.harvard.edu>, gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu (James Gibbs) writes:
> For those interested in ultrafast ligations, I would strongly recommend
> the ligation kit made by TaKaRa. It only takes 15 minutes at 16C or RT. I
> called the company to ask how it works and they told me it is T4 ligase
> with a polyionic substance like dextran to increase local DNA end
> concentrations. The efficiency is superb in our hands.
> Sorry I don't have a phone number or address handy, as I am home now (well,
> not when you're reading this, but when I wrote it :) ).
What is the $$ like?

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