Gopher holes for Mol. Bio.

Brain Foley brianf at
Wed Aug 11 15:55:15 EST 1993

Dennis J. Templeton (djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu) wrote:

: Our research building has finally been hooked into the internet directly,
: and I have now the opportunity to poke into some MolBio gopher holes. 
: Several have been posted here and in other forums, but I would appreciate
: people sending me the addresses of their favorites, which I will collect
: and repost as a summary.  If there is a central catalog of these, it would
: be nice to post that directly to the group.

: thanks,
: dennis

I use TurboGopher, on a Mac LCIII with an ethernet connection to our
campus-wide network (which is in turn connected to the world).

I have a bookmark set for BIOLOGICAL GOPHERS, but unfortunately TurboGopher
does not allow me to find out what machine this is actually pointing to...
At any rate, there is a gopher which has the option BIOLOGICAL GOPHERS
on its menu.
I believe it is the UMN gopher, but I'm not positive.

The seven GOPHERS currently available under BIOLOGICAL GOPHERS are:

EMBnet Switzerland (bioftp experimental)
Genes at (under construction)
INN, Weizmann Institute (Israel)
IUBio, Indiana University Biology Dept.
National Science Foundation Gopher
PIR Archive, University of Houston (very experimental)
University of Wisconsin Medical School

I hope this helps.
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