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Dan Jacobson danj at welchdev.welch.jhu.edu
Wed Aug 18 14:02:22 EST 1993

In article <CBx3sF.6y2 at ms.uky.edu> mpm at seqanal.mi.uky.edu (Mark Mattson) writes:
>I know this sounds like a good candidate for a FAQ, but does anyone have
>any idea where I can find a list of sources for some of the less common
>restriction enzymes?  
>Steven W. Barger, Ph.D.
>c/o Mark Mattson 
>Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

Could it be ..... gopher? :-).  Point your gopher client at 
merlot.welch.jhu.edu and select:

-->  12. Search Databases at Hopkins (Vectors, Promoters, NRL-3D, EST, OMIM../

   -->  2.  Search Rebase - Restriction Enzyme Database <?>

and search for your enzyme of interest.  Searches will pull up an entry
describing the enzyme, and a list of companies which sell it.

For example, search for:

bgli   (pronounced Bagel One)

and you'll see -

      1.  BglI.
      2.  VanI.
      3.  American Allied Biochemical, Inc.
      4.  Amersham     
      5.  Angewandte Gentechnologie Systeme   
      6.  Appligene    
      7.  Boehringer-Mannheim   
      8.  Fermentas MBI
      9.  International Laboratory Services 
      10. Life Technologies Inc, Gibco-BRL 
      11. Molecular Biology Resources
-->   12. New England BioLabs       
      13. New York Biolabs         
      14. Northumbria Biologicals Limited  
      15. Pharmacia P-L Biochemicals 
      16. Promega Corporation       
      17. Sigma        
      18. Stratagene  
      19. Toyobo     
      20. United States Biochemical Corporation  

selecting one of the companies give a their phone/fax numbers and a 
list of the enzymes that they sell. For example the entry for New England 
BioLabs is as follows:


ID   New England BioLabs

32 Tozer Road, Beverly, MA 01915
TEL: 1-508-927-5054

   AatII,   Acc65I,     AccI,     AciI,    AflII,   AflIII,     AgeI
    AluI,     AlwI,    AlwNI,     ApaI,    ApaLI,     ApoI,     AscI
    AseI,     AvaI,    AvaII,    AvrII,    BamHI,     BanI,    BanII
    BbsI,     BbvI,     BcgI,     BclI,     BfaI,     BglI,    BglII
    BpmI, Bpu1102I,    BsaAI,    BsaBI,    BsaHI,     BsaI,    BsaJI
   BsaWI,     BsgI,    BsiEI,  BsiHKAI,    BsiWI,     BslI,    BsmAI
   BsmFI,     BsmI,  Bsp120I, Bsp1286I, Bsp1407I,    BspDI,    BspEI
   BspHI,    BspMI,    BsrBI,    BsrDI,    BsrFI,    BsrGI,     BsrI
  BssHII, Bst1107I,    BstBI,   BstEII,    BstNI,    BstUI,    BstXI
   BstYI,   Bsu36I,     ClaI,    Csp6I,     DdeI,     DpnI,    DpnII
    DraI,   DraIII,     DrdI,     EaeI,     EagI, Eam1105I,     EarI
Ecl136II, Eco47III,   Eco57I,    EcoNI, EcoO109I,    EcoRI,    EcoRV
   Esp3I,   Fnu4HI,     FokI,     FspI,    HaeII,   HaeIII,     HgaI
   HgiAI,     HhaI,   HincII,  HindIII,    HinfI,   HinP1I,     HpaI
   HpaII,     HphI,     KasI,     KpnI,     MboI,    MboII,     MluI
    MnlI,     MscI,     MseI,     MslI,    MspAI,     MspI,     MunI
    MwoI,     NaeI,     NarI,     NciI,     NcoI,     NdeI,    NgoMI
    NheI,   NlaIII,    NlaIV,     NotI,     NruI,     NsiI,     PacI
  PaeR7I,    PflMI,     PleI,     PmeI,     PmlI,   Ppu10I,    PpuMI
Psp1406I,     PstI,     PvuI,    PvuII,     RsaI,    RsrII,     SacI
   SacII,     SalI,     SapI,   Sau3AI,   Sau96I,     ScaI,    ScrFI
   SfaNI,     SfcI,     SfiI,     SmaI,    SnaBI,     SpeI,     SphI
    SspI,     StuI,     StyI,     TaqI,     TfiI,  Tsp509I,  Tth111I
    XbaI,     XcmI,     XhoI,     XmaI,     XmnI

  M.AluI,  M.BamHI,   M.ClaI,  M.EcoRI, M.FnuDII, M.HaeIII,   M.HhaI
 M.HpaII,   M.MspI,   M.PstI,   M.SssI,   M.TaqI


If you've never heard of gopher just write me a note and I'll send you
some information to help get you started.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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