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Fri Aug 20 09:54:23 EST 1993


>My question thus
>is what information is available that has direct relevance to the (cancer-
>related) biological sciences which is not already available via Email servers
>and the GCG package, both of which are available for use here already?
>Are gophers just "netters toys" or are they tools for science?

VERY USEFUL TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, many of the resources available via gopher are available via E-mail
also.  The gopher provides a good backup and each method has its own
advantages.  For example, one can get GenBank sequences by E-mail or
gopher.  For browsing, gopher is better but for retrieving lots of 
sequences E-mail is better.

The major advantage to gopher is that there ARE huge amounts of data
out there on gopher sites, and gopher gives you a common interface
to all that data.  In addition, if you forget where something is 
you can find it with Veronica.

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