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Sun Aug 22 04:37:29 EST 1993

>I am trying to use the "Differential Display PCR" method to isolate RNA 
>sequences that are differentially expressed in plants under stress.  I have
>been reading about this method, and have had some advice from another graduate
>student who does this method himself in mammalian cell samples.
>I looked up a paper in Bio/Technology that described an arbitratrily primed
>DNA polymorphism test using the PCR.  This citation was in the Perkin-Elmer
>PCR catalog under the heading "RAPD".  I was surprised to see that the 
>detection was done by a silver staining technique instead of autoradiography.
>Has anyone tried silver staining of DNA in PAGE?  does it work?
>Daniel Kim

Yes it does but be careful.  Under these conditions protein stains also.

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