Protein blotting to PVDF membranes

Andre Hamel hamel at
Mon Aug 23 11:44:52 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug23.141104.24690 at> dmartin at (David Martin x3175) writes:
>We routinely blot to PVDF but use 10mM CAPS pH 11 10% MeOH as the transfer
>buffer in a mini protean cell at a current of 100 mA. It takes ca. 60-90
>to stain, 30 secs in coomassie (1g/l 40% MeOH 10% HOAc) then destain in
>40% MeOH 10% HOAc. repeat to enhance sensitivity (maybe use a 15 or 20 sec
>we use ABI ProBlott.. and use the protocol in the instructions. Our peptide
>chemist reckons if you can see the band, it'll sequence (unless it is 
>good luck
>...david Martin
>dmartin at

Doesn't exposing the protein to acetic acid lead to potential acylation of
amino end? ... thus "blocking" theat end from sequencing?

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