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Why won't anyone name the Bad PhosphorImager?

John Alsobrook ALSOBROOK at biomed.med.yale.edu
Tue Aug 24 16:31:18 EST 1993

In <1993Aug24.201952.27352 at ohsu.edu> nishir at ohsu.edu writes:

> As was pointed out to me by a more observant scientist interested in
> phosphoimagers, there is only one on the market that has the capacity to image
> chemiluminescence; ie., it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who
> it is...
> Rae Nishi
> Portland OR

I'm still at a loss as to why everyone is shielding a company that, if nothing
else, has treated a customer so poorly that both sides have resorted to lawyers
to resolve the issue. I understand the original poster's hesitation to name the
company (ongoing litigation, etc), but why are other folks indulging in
cloak-and-dagger innuendo?

If the company being discussed is Bio-Rad, it makes me think twice about
EVER ordering ANY equipment from them again, and I will certainly explain
the reason to their sales rep. If we as scientists have any sense of community,
I would think there are many who would also cease doing business with Bio-Rad
for the same reason.
And by the way, I never claimed to BE a rocket scientist ;-} 

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