Mini acrylamid apparatus

Sebastian Bunka Sebastian.Bunka at
Tue Aug 24 01:51:48 EST 1993

> Our lab is currently considering the purchase of a mini-gel system.  (eg. the
> "Mini-Protean" by Bio-Rad, the "Mighty Small", etc.)  Any suggestions that you
> have concearning these and other similar apparatus would be greatly
> appreciated.
>         Thanks in advance,
>         John Korte
I have only experience w/ standard slab gels and the mini protean II
and think it is the best and easiest way to cast & run SDS-PAGEs.
- chamber never leaks, poring takes about 5-10 min, running abt. 1 hr.
  (We just pour the stacking gel directly on the separating gel
   solution without waiting for polymerization -> in the center of
   the gel!. Insert comb and ready!!)
 -blotting very easy (use the used buffer and add 20% MetOH) 1.5 hr
 -You can add the 2-D Kit for the chamber!
 -In the lab I've seen the chamber the 1st time, they had chambers
  for more then 3-4 years without any breaking of plastic parts.

I'm not affiliated w/ the manufactorer in any way!

have fun

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